Moose on a bog

13 x 18 cm
Graphite pencil, Fabriano paper

On a cold night in the woods, I heard moose rustling in the bushes, their unseen presence felt in the cold air they breathe out as they prepare for sleep. A saying from an educational sign on a bog trail comes to mind: "If you meet a bear, get ready for bed; if you meet a moose, get ready for a coffin." A moose crossing the road in twilight, something that looks like someone else's experience. These precious memories, buried deep in time and experience, have been brought to life by the drawing I just finished. Drawing is a part of retrieval process.
We all stand in awe of moose, their imposing tall antlers. We admire the signs they leave on trees, the broken twigs, tracks, and the subtle differences in the shapes of their droppings. But the most amazing thing is to spot a moose, and watch the graceful way they move through the bushes, gliding as if they're just ethereal spirits of the woods. Their pale legs seem to be translucent in the dim light, as if their body is floating in the air. The real spirit of the forest.